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27 May Chaser JZX100 Coming Soon
rcarlos 0 100
RC Arlos Factory has released the first teaser images of its new four-door drift body for 1/10 model cars. The body is designed on a wheelbase of 257mm, nice details also will be done some extra acces..
13 May Opedia V1 RWD Chassis Kit
rcarlos 0 4882
Rc Arlos Factory have released first images of their forthcoming new Opedia V1 RWD drift car chassis kit. The first chassis project of the company will feature a highly adjustable suspension component..
12 May Kristaps Bluss BMW E46 M3
rcarlos 0 12816
For the second time Rc Arlos will be pleased to make the second replica of the HGK Racing Team.Many of you have already had the opportunity to see this machine live and in action, would like to have t..
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